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5th Aug 2016

Velocity Guidelines

1) Hotness+ no exceptions. If you are not hotness or above please do no apply.

2) 750 Guild Fame daily.

3) I am free to remove you from this team at any point in time if you fail to meet my standards.

4) If you are causing this team to lose elo in ranked games more than you help us gain, you are out.

5) Keep shit clear and simple. If we are in a game, make callouts, and communicate. Keep excess chatter away.

6) Dont be fucking annoying or immature.

7) Use discord.

Pretty straightforward and simple. If interested, apply or talk to me in discord.
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5th Aug 2016

!!!!I would like to join!!!!
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5th Aug 2016

Keep 'em rising. Best of luck!
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6th Aug 2016

Will you be down to scrim between teams as well?
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