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Hi, I'm Mandrew
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29th Oct 2016

How is everybody? My name is Mandrew, formerly known as Omezin in Vainglory. I have played VG for some time now, and like many am just getting back from a break from the game. My last guild was Vain Nation, I was with them for season 1 and 2. The guild started to drift apart, and I took it as a time to take a break from the game. I would like to join iCon (I filled out my application) because I play so much now, that being a part of a guild would help me greatly. It would be nice to get to know some people in VG again, avoid the solo queue trolls that lurk the Fold, and to be able to contribute to a guild again. I can't remember exactly because it has been such a long time, but at Vain Nation I had either 100, or 200k fame. Haha, I know that its a big gap, but at the time that I left I know I was top 5 in fame for the guild. I am a loyal and dedicated player, who needs only a cause!!

About myself: I am 23 years old. I live in Columbus Ohio, and work as a caterer for a barebaue restaurant. My account has been over 1000 wins for probably a year now.. I am just at 1460 though, 2k is a definite target of mine. I have every seasonal skin, most t3s, and over 110k glory at my disposal, waiting for taka t3, and then kestrel (I main jungle). My highest trophy is POA Silver, this season so far I have got from Got Swagger, to SA gold. I am very layed back, and try to ease the mood when something really bad happens in game, always staying positive and trying to keep moral high. I like to win, a lot, and quite often have to take a deep breath to not take the game too seriously. But I am a serious player, love to learn, love to get better, and I know that I could be a valuable asset to iCon.

Most of this was covered in my application, I just thought that I would make a post in the forums because I have nothing better to do currently except solo queu

Thanks, Mandrew, aka: Andrew.

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