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iC4N VELOCITY Scheduling / Events
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5th Aug 2016

These hours are not official yet and will be subject to changes over time.

Events / Days -

Mon - [Improvement / Warmup]
Tue -  [Scrimmages]
Wed - [Fame Gain] 
Thu -  [Improvement / Warmup]
Fri  -  [Ranked]
Sat -  [Ranked]
Sun - [Rest]

PTH - [Prime Time Hours]
NPTH - [Non Prime Time Hours]

Improvement / Warmup Day {PTH}

This is when we go into casuals and just play games to simply warm up and do our part for iC4N
This is where we try new team comps and builds and strategies.

Scrimmage Day {NPTH} 

Both Squads of Team Velocity do a few 3v3's and play against eachother and train.
We can also play against anyone within the guild.

Fame Gain Day {NPTH} 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM (EST) - Correlates into primetime

Probably our most demanding day. This is when we put in an extra two hours outside of primetime and grind fame.

Ranked Day {PTH} 

We will only do ranked with the team. Everyone will be on. All 6 members will be online grinding rank.

Rest Day {PTH}

You earned it. This is your day of rest. Still have to go to primetime.

This is a rough draft and will definetly change over time. Effective starting August 8th 2016.

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Forum » General Forums » General Discussion
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