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What other forum boards would you like to see?
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4th Jul 2016

Given we have the opportunity to make what we like, what would you like created so we have an appropriate place to discuss things.

Other games?



Some ideas, but none worth putting up if no one is going to use them. What would make you guys excited to check out the guild forums?
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4th Jul 2016

Lore would be a cool one i think. seem to have a good chunk of people who like to talk about it, a forum could definitely organize those discussions a lot more then chating on band and stuff does. 
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7th Jul 2016

Here's an idea. you can have item discussion just like you have hero discussion because I'm pretty sure there are people who probably don't even know what some of the items in the game do or even know how to counter some of the items?

#iC4N Paradox

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12th Jul 2016

I'd personally like to see a hobby or talent thread, somewhere I could share the occasional poem,
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