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15th Sep 2016

This is a post about how ic4n needs some serious changes that we always wanted to happen but no one ever put there foot down and actually tried to make sense of the situation. Here I am to change ic4n for the better, to officially kick this guild into shape for what it could be? NO for what can be.

To start off 11 people missed PT with no excuse. That is 11K per game Ic4n missed out on. 33k Exp for 3 games se riously.
Combined with 39 People Recently Active out of 41, We have 39 out of 50 people trying to help our guild out no the real number is. 39 -11 is {28} people who are actively playing during Prime time trying to help Ic4n.
This is Unacceptable . How can we even think to hit 90 with 28 people per night? WE CANT!
I rather have 28 people who care about leveling ic4n then 39 who dont put in work, aka seems like we have a lot of players playing. 

Ic4n NEEDS a Rude  Awakening  . I am going to use Lexitus's stats to kick out people and reward those who earned what they got. 

These changes will not be fair but  reasonable  and if you think of an idea that can improve what is  originally  going to take place then I will be open to hear it. 

I am also going make some social media pages to promote  recruitment  and get some people who actually CARE about not only Ic4n but the community as a whole. 

Right now the community is hurting from ic4n's part. Lets stride to improve!

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15th Sep 2016

Ummm SoSuperSaiyan for president?

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The Hentai King

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15th Sep 2016

I like it
Joined: 15th Sep 2016
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16th Sep 2016

I agree 100%
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22nd Sep 2016

I personally think we should cut off recritment for a bit and work with this small group and then reopen it in a bit so we have the older players playing and setting a good example for the new people.
Joined: 30th Jun 2016
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23rd Sep 2016

This is more or less what's happening. We're not pushing recruitment hard til the dust settles
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