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WP and CP Jungle Alpha Guide
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3rd Jul 2016

I have been I have been playing Alpha for quite sometime, and since then, she's been my go-to jungler. I know I'm definitely not the best Alpha player in Vainglory, but I have some good advice for her. I am making this guide to 1) give advice about Alpha to anyone who wants to learn how to play her, 2) learn from criticism and advice from other Alpha players, and 3) to inspire others to make their own spectacular guides about their mains. Hope you enjoy this guide!

Brief Intro

One of the best parts of Alpha is that she can either go the crystal path or the weapon path, though weapon is a bit better, as both are viable ways to build her, and is decently tanky, (and should be built tanky) for a jungler, helping her deal a lot of sustained damage. Alpha isn't the hardest hero to learn/use; she essentially has "2 lives" and her abilities are quite easy to use.

Alpha's Kit

Infinite Reboot
Heroic Perk

Instead of dying, Alpha initiates a reboot sequence upon receiving lethal damage, gaining 325-1800 reserve health (based on level). For the next several seconds, enemies can continue to attack her and deal damage. If her reserve is not destroyed during this time, she will reboot to ample health at the same location.

The cooldown for this ability is displayed in place of Alpha's energy bar. Once this bar is full, Infinite Reboot is available. This bar will slide back to zero during the reboot process, indicating the remaining time left before she is restored to health.

Infinite Reboot is pretty much your "2 lives", or maybe even your "infinite lives" if no one kills you during your reboot sequence.. If the bar is full, your perk will activate when you reach 0 HP, and you will be temporarily disabled from doing anything at all. Once the bar is completely empty after your perk is activated, you will reboot in the same place and continue to fight. However, if the bar is not full and you reach 0 HP, you die. If you bar is full and you reach >0HP, you can use your ultimate.

Prime Directive

Alpha scans for enemies along a path. If she scans an enemy, that enemy is slowed and Alpha instantly dashes behind them, dealing damage to the target and all enemies within 4.5 meters (65% damage to minions). This also removes the negative effects of Core Overload (without removing the positive effects), dealing increased damage based on the number of stacks removed.

This is one of the ways you will be able to stick onto and attack enemies that are a bit further away from you. Basically, if you can aim it right, no one can flee from you. This ability scales well with both WP and CP and also depends on the number of Core Charge stacks you have. This ability deals AoE damage! I advise taking this to overdrive, but after Core Charge is overdriven.

Core Charge

Alpha lunges forward, landing a basic attack on her target and fracturing the ground for additional crystal damage in a small area. Each time she uses this ability, she spends 2.5% of her current health and gains Core Overload for 5.5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

Basic attacks reduces the cooldown of Core Charge by 1 second.

Core Overload: The health cost of Core Charge goes up by 2.5%, but also increases the damage of subsequent Core Charges and causes her basic attacks to heal her. Basic attacks refresh the duration.

Usually your main source of damage, whether WP or CP. You sacrifice a bit of health for damage, and it stacks, causing more damage and basic attacks to heal her. Basic attacks also reduce the cooldown of Core Charge, giving the weapon path a slight advantage. Spam this ability in battle, and you pretty much destroy everyone. This ability also deals AoE damage. I advise that this should be taken to overdrive first, and also upgraded as your first ability.

Termination Protocol

On activation, Alpha begins a self destruct sequence. At the start of this she gains a burst of move speed as well as 400-1000 barrier (based on her level). Immediately afterward, she rapidly loses move speed as her Halcyon core approaches critical mass.

After 3 seconds, or immediately upon her barrier being breached, Alpha explodes. This explosion deals heavy crystal damage to all enemies within 4.5 meters and is lethal to herself.

This ability can only be activated while Infinite Reboot is available. Upgrading this ability reduces the cooldown of Infinite Reboot.

You become a slow suicide bomber for 3 seconds. However, to make up for her insanely slow movement speed in this time, she can still use her abilities to stick onto enemies. Even though upgrading this lowers her Infinite Reboot cooldown, I suggest not taking this to overdrive, as you won't be using this as much as your A and B.

Ability Combo

A (Engaging)   -   B (x3) (Damage)  -   A (Re-engaging)  -   B (x3) (Damage)  .....   C (Suicide Bomb)    -   Heroic Perk (REPEAT)

Build Paths
These builds are not fixed. You can change them a bit, but these are just suggested core items. (Ex. Enemy Jungler is WP, but there are 2 heroes that can stun you. Build a Reflex Block)
(/ = OR. Decide with your best judgement.)

Weapon Power

(00:00) - Weapon Blade  +  Halcyon Potions
(05:00) - Heavy Steel  +  Boots  +  Light Armor/Light Shield  +  Halcyon Potions
(10:00) - Sorrowblade  +  Boots  +  Coat of Plates/(Kinetic Shield + Oakheart)
(15:00) - Sorrowblade  +  Boots  +  Atlas Pauldron/Aegis  +  Blazing Salvo
(20:00) - Sorrowblade  +  Boots  +  Atlas Pauldron/Aegis  +  Coat of Plates/Kinetic Shield  +  Bonesaw/Breaking Point  + Blazing Salvo
(25:00) - Sorrowblade  +  Boots  +  Atlas Pauldron/Aegis  +  (Coat of Plates/Atlas Pauldron)/(Kinetic Shield/Aegis) +  Bonesaw/Breaking Point  +  Breaking Point/Bonesaw  +  Weapon Infusion

This build allows for decent tankiness and insane damage. WP allows you to use more of your Core Charges since you have more attack speed, and your Breaking Point becomes vicious in every team fight, along with your Bonesaw shredding any armor the opponents have. 

Crystal Power

(00:00) - Crystal Bit  +  Halcyon Potions
(05:00) - Eclipse Prism + Hourglass  +  Boots  +  Light Armor/Light Shield  +  Halcyon Potions
(10:00) - Aftershock  +  Boots  +  Coat of Plates/(Kinetic Shield + Oakheart)
(15:00) - Aftershock  +  Boots  +  Atlas Pauldron/Aegis  +  Piercing Shard + Heavy Prism
(20:00) - Aftershock  +  Boots  +  Atlas Pauldron/Aegis  +  Atlas Pauldron/(Kinetic Shield + Reflex Block)  + Broken Myth
(25:00) - Aftershock  +  Boots  +  Atlas Pauldron/Aegis  +  Aegis/Atlas Pauldron +  Broken Myth + Crucible/Shiversteel  +  Crystal Infusion

This build allows for more tankiness and decent damage. The Heroic Perk should be helping you though the early game when your not as tanky, and your defense and Broken Myth will power you through the late game with sustained damage.

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1st Aug 2016

I have played Alpha enough to build her proficiently. What I would recommend on WP and CP is to start with swift shooter as it would shorten your cool down with your B skill. In CP, it would be better to build up to Alternating current first as it allows Alpha to build her stacks more quickly. Instead of building defense after first item, buy aftershock first. After the first two items are done, build metal/atlas and aegis. When that's done, it is recommended to build broken myth. As for WP, I would build sorrowblade, bonesaw (breaking point if enemy team doesn't build defense) then metal/atlas and aegis. Final item would be breaking point/bonesaw. As for boots, I always go with journey boots for absolute chasing power.
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19th Aug 2016

Honestly after reading this, I've actually worked Alpha into my kit.

Thanks for taking the time. Can't wait to get her skins!
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20th Aug 2016

(Sorry I'm so late to this) I would definitely not suggest building Alternating Current on Alpha (well, at least I don't). Alternating Current doesn't provide Alpha with the sustain that she needs. The passives on Aftershock are extremely useful, especially being able to deal more damage to tankier heroes along with lifesteal, which keeps her alive for a long ass time. Broken Myth and Aftershock are the only essentials you need for offense on a CP Alpha.
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