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Maximum damage and Survivability
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3rd Jul 2016

Item Build:
Shatter Glass | Broken Myth | Eve of Harvest | Aegis | Halcyon Chargers | Metal Jacket/Frostburn/Shatter glass (situational item)

Main goal is is 5-6min shatterglass. This means limited rotation and perfect farm. If you can pull this off you will be killing people with 2-3 helios or even 1 nova early game. If they gank frequently and harrass, early t2 boots will help you create disance for survivability. If you can pull off a 5min shatterglass, rush Halcyon chargers next for speed energy regen and cooldown. This will allow you to rotate and gank more effieciently.

Skill Build:
Max A skill and Ultimate

Celeste is a Laner. She is required to stay in the back at all times due to her squishiness.
If you are great at last hitting with normal attacks start off with a cryatal bit, if not get a battery. If you get a battery this means you will be using helio as a last hitting tool. Drop a helio first then auto attack a minion not being attacked by your own minions. Once 2 minions are low pop the helio into a nova.
During engages having helios pre placed is ideal for easier novas which do more damage. Normally you would like to helio 1st then core collapes then nova. But 1st helio isnt always possible so core collapse 1st is acceptible. Hitting enemies with novas is your main goal since this is her strongest attack but not always possible with heroes on the run.
Using her ult is very crucial for kills and survivability so try not to spam this because it may cost you a kill or your life if it is on cool down. Sniping with her ult can get long range kills from enemies that have gotten away or even steal kraken. If you have an eve of harvest try saving your ult for when you need to heal yourself because this will surely save your life. If you have a broken myth try saving your ult until you have 5 stacks for maximum damage.

Happy Huntings
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3rd Jul 2016

I just got her tier 1 and was wanting to learn to play her better. This is a great write up for novice Celeste players like myself, thanks for posting.
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