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Personal Skye build by xNeon
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2nd Sep 2016

My favourite way to build Skye is:
[LANE Just Beginning - Simply Amazing]

Offensive Items

1) Serpents Mask, 2) Breaking Point, 3) Tyrants Monocle

Defensive Items
1-2) Aegis, Metal Jacket (Build against who is focusing you)

(A) Forward Barrage: get first, upgrade last, no overdrive
(B) Suri Strike: upgrade first, overdrive
(C) Death From Above: put points in when possible, overdrive

Use (A) during the early game to help you with last hitting minions and poking. This skill will be your primary damage early game. In fights, use this when chasing or to peel chasers. NEVER use this as your source of damage mid-late game. 
Use (B) to readjust your position and deal decent damage. Possible to dodge skills, which is VERY rewarding. Dosging skills will require prediction and preperation.

Use (C) to zone targets in or put a "barrier" in the middle of you and your enemy.

Just a reminder that breaking point builds faster for those who dont build armor.


Why Serpents Mask? The more weapon damage you deal, the more you heal. This will sustain you enough to build stacks and make you unkillable when full stacks. 1v3 potential. 
WHEN UP AGAINST BURSTS, ditch Serpents Mask for Sorrowblade and Breaking Point for Bonesaw.
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