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Full 1.19 Saw Guide
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24th Jul 2016

http://www.vaingloryfire. ... -with-saw-1-19-15708

I take no credit for this post, however it is one of the better written guides and has made me take an interest in learning Saw. 

Any advice for a novice saw, as I seem to get destroyed any time I play him :S
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28th Jul 2016

I've also been playing a decent amt of saw lately and am by no means a great saw but with the right build and techniques he's deadly. If your getting killed a lot I can't reccomend serpents mask enough. As with his reduced mobility in team fights you usually end up frontlining whether you want to or not. My main build is sorrow/serpent/bonesaw but if you get good with his stutter step and positioning or the team isn't focusing you a tyrants is huge in place of serpents mask. Always keep your Roadie run(a) for escape. It's essentially saws built in boots and with wp doesn't do all that much damage but is great to finish a close by enemy and bounce back so your not front lining. A huge mistake I see a lot of saw players do is immediately use b ability upon reaching lane to fully spin up. This ability is 2 seconds of u doing nothing allowing the enemy to get good damage on you while it's going and either get out or gank you while you have no movement speed. Spool up the old fashion way just plucking at minions while keeping good positioning. Once spoiled up if you know it's just 1v1 in lane poke at your opponent and when they try to escape is when you want to use your b ability to slow/potentially finish your opponent off. Then a ability to escape under your turret. As saw you want to punish the enemy laner to starve them but don't get caught too forward without backup or your as good as dead which is why keeping the a ability on hand can save your butt numerous times. Other notes. If your against a Celeste or crystal vox(which any enemy team who knows what they're doing should counter you with) always get serpents mask. You will need it to combat Helios or vox's bounces. Make sure you team knows to bring the fight to you as when your spun up your not chasing anything, spun saw is only good if he's doing damage. If your can't get your team to bring the fight to you you have to use boots to get in or roadie run to get in but try and save one or the other to get back out if needed. Even an unspun saw with good damage items can do serious damage. Sorrow is usually my first item but I always buy early def with saw as you'll almost always be the primary target and pretty easy to poke at due to your slow move speed. A first shop armor and shield can go along way and allow you to stand long enough to kill/ starve the enemy. Also while saw is ideal for pushing down turrets make sure your teams away your so far up in lane and is there with you or knows where enemy is. Too many saws just push turret get ganked push turret get ganked and don't get the power a true saw should have missing out on farm.
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