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Decent Glaive Tips [WP]
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2nd Jul 2016

For those of you interested in being an efficient Glaive player, this is the post for you. I myself am a Glaive main and I know his mechanics in and out and his power in the jungle and in lane.

As most of you vetted Vainglory players know Glaive has his first ability, Afterburn, which allows Glaive to quickly close the gap between himself and enemy. Glaive does damage as he flies past an enemy, and has a stun that knocks the enemy back where ever you decide to launch that particular enemy. The best way to use this ability is launching yourself past the enemy you intend to kill, knock them into the wall with the stun, use his ultimate ability, Bloodsong, with the combo of his second ability, Cleave, to create a devastating combo attack. This works great against squishy carries such as Ringo and Vox, and will ultimately help your team conquer the fold.

So now that you know how to use him with the basic ability knowledge, let's talk about positioning. Glaive has his first ability, Afterburn, which has the power to cross over walls. This makes Glaive very agile across the Fold. Use this to get a sneak attack on unexpecting enemies and to get an easy escape when need be. Also, positioning Glaive into the fray of a team fight is key to create devastating blows to all enemies around Glaive. His favorite target during team fights are Laners because most cannot get away from his Afterburn which closes the gap instantaneously.
Remember, positioning is key with this hero. Play aggressive, never passive unless you are behind on farm. Glaive is a force to be reckoned with and placed into the right hands is utterly important in any team composition.

Now let's talk about itemization. In the Summer Season meta Glaive's first item when the game starts should always be Swift Shooter. This helps clear minions faster since Glaive already has a high damage output level 1. His first bought item at the shop after the first clear is always situational. If you are up against an WP damage hero buy armor and with CP buy a shield. This helps with survival with the first fight. If you are able to get to the shop first play that to your advantage and play aggressive. Remember, Afterburn past enemies do actually deal the ability's damage. His late game item build should always be Sorrowblade into Bonesaw then always buy boots and armor between that. Buying Crit items also help scale with Glaive because his heroic ability allows him to do sweeping motions with his basic attack which does insane damage. Buying health items such as dragon heart into Shiversteel isn't that neccessary on Glaive but can be useful. Always buy Aegis and Pauldron first because Glaive's base health is high without necessarily full health items. The T3 boots you choose is completely up to you, I prefer the new Chargers for the CDR (cooldown reduction) on his ability and also giving him more energy but the Journey boots also work fine on him.

So, all in all Glaive is very versatile when he is placed into the Jungle and also in Lane. The only difference is to buy the Book of Eulogies when Glaive starts in lane for the sustain but you should always go for the build I suggested above.

I hope this helped any of you with basic knowledge of Glaive and if any of you have something to add please do so! I'm open to any opinions upon Glaive and your own experiences playing this hero.
Forum » Vainglory » Glaive
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