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15th Jul 2016

Now that our lord and savior Adaox has graced us with this subforum, I'll make this thread. Now, I'll prolly post here maybe once a week, but I also implore any others to post any poetry or raps or something similar here.

Now, to kick it off:

What am I?
Naturally red, though now I am black
I am bruised. I am beaten
To the point I have cracks.
I am easily broken
Being naive makes me lack;
I can only lead to ruin.
Fear and despair stack,
Leaving no room within.
I am his heart, and this fight...
I certainly did not win.
Joined: 2nd Jul 2016
Rank: Guest
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24th Jul 2016


All I want is to take away your pain
Nothing I can do
While you just sit there under the rain,
Except be there for you.
It's making me feel so useless
Though you tell me otherwise
I'm feeling like a nuisance
I'm fast running out of these tries
While trying not to run
From what I believe you really are
So, I'll not be done
Though I know I can't heal your aching scars
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