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Joined: 9th Jul 2016
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24th Aug 2016

Wazaa it's Shuba!

I'm one of the iC0N members, officer of iC0N community taking care of iC4N recruitment, and a Captain of iC4N Legends.

I moved to Insomniac Community since June 2016 with Henrry27 we were in the same guild before iC4N. We were one of the iC4N members, we follow the rules, and made many friends in iC4N. I met Renbaki in iC4N and three of us started play together. We were a great comp! i asked Adaox to help me make a team called iC4N Legends. We were the first people who reached tier The Hotness in iC4N which made us very proud.

Days by days we kept pushing and Adaox noticed our progress in iC4N, he invited us to iC0N which make us proud even more and nervous.

Well here i am now iC0N member, officer for iC4N recruitment, and a Captain of iC4N Legends. I left my alt account Shuuba in iC4N. I'm thankful for what i am now. If i can do it so do you!

If you're chill.. i'm chill even more. Thanks for reading this far and lets keep grinding people! Love you all no homo
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Joined: 30th Jun 2016
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24th Aug 2016

Easily one of our most helpful members.

Our Community wouldn't be the same without you.
Forum » General Forums » Community Introductions
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