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24th Aug 2016

Hello, you may know me as CrazyMexicanTaco - SoSuperSaiyan - TheHentaiKing - TheRATEDGKing - or by my current IGN TheGlassCannon..... I became part of the iC4N community after I had been kindly invited to join by someone named Katalena .... In my stay in iC4N I had became good friends with SilentNight Katastrophic Tiger Joe and AQSA and plenty of more people.... My highest rank so far is Hotness Silver ( this will be changing very soon ) I wish to be able to run a successful MRR team but I've been unable to after the disbanding of Hentai Pjz ( due to working issues ). I'm usually very chill during all matches ... To the point where my fellow comrades get a bit irritated hehe. That's how I am I like to play for fun and occasionally for skill tier. My hobbies include playing vainglory, and watching anime .... I'm 18 years old as well ... If you have any questions regarding myself please feel free to ask anything I'm extremely open ^-^ 

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The Hentai King

Forum » General Forums » Community Introductions
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