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An open e-mail to SEMC
iC0N AdaoxKNIGHTS 0 Comments · 22nd Jul 2017
Dear Super Evil Megacorp,

Thanks for producing this great game which I have enjoyed for so long. In my opinion, the 3v3 MOBA experience from the time that the game starts, to when the Vain Crystal is destroyed is second to none. That being said, the guild experience has been lacking. 

My thoughts on quick fixes for guilds are summarized below. These thoughts have been compiled after reading through all of Vainglory's patch notes ( Patch Notes Mega Thread).

I have read through and selected some choice quotes which are reviewable on a Google document here.

I'll save everyone some time with a condensed version:
Fame boosts + Solo Fame - Meaningful Rewards = Declined Guild Activity 

So what is the solution? 

If we want a quick Band-Aid; here are some things that would have an immediate impact:

Make fame boosts available for Glory/Opals, as well as ICE 
Reduce the amount of fame required to attain a level 100 guild
Fix the Fame Leaderboard

For a long term solution we need to decide whether or not the current system of both fame acquisition, and rewards, are suitable to the long term growth of guilds. 

For me, guilds have always been about members achieving a common goal, whatever that goal might be. Under the current structure, attaining level 100 is nearly impossible without heavily boosting. 

Quote“Vainglory is more fun and more rewarding when you play with friends. You can relive epic matches, plan hero comps, discuss strategies and best of all, no AFKs! But not everyone has a go-to group of players they can rely on. That’s why we’re introducing guilds. These are fun, social destinations in-game filled with like-minded players. Together, you’ll play and push for seasonal rewards based entirely on dedication and participation..."

Ultimately this is why I became a guild leader. To have like-minded players to roam the fold with, and reap the rewards of victory together. 
I am more than willing to discuss this with anyone at Super Evil Megacorp, should you have any further questions.

SirAdaox of iC0N GAMING

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