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Insomniac Cons [iC0N] Rules

These rules are designed to help the guild reach level 100 as fast as possible and to promote maximum team effort. Our goal is that our members find a permanent home in iC0N. We do not play normal hours because we cater to those who want to play in the late hours of the night.

"Prime Time" is from 11 pm EST - 5 am EST (8 pm PST - 2 am PST) If this does NOT match your Normal play times, this is NOT the right guild for you!

By accepting an invitation into iC0N you are agreeing to the following ALL of the rules:

1.   MUST play during Prime Time (PT), it is 6 hours long. Every member is responsible for attending at least 11pm-2am in their time zone Continental US (3 Hours)

2.  During PT (all 6 hours) you must always party with at least one other guild member 

3.  PT is Grind Time! Blitz, Br > Casuals > Ranked. 

4.  Must have a Team mindset (Non-toxic) If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all! Constructive criticism welcomed, calling people stupid isn't.  If you are proven to be toxic in or out of the guild, you will be removed.

5.  Must be mature (18+ Preferred)

6.  Active on Community Discord App w/ Mic. During PT, everyone is required to use iC0N discord server for voice communication unless you have been given an exception

7.  Active on Community BAND ( ... g)  Please register using your IGN


9.  Must be active with guild mates - NO SOLO QUEUE- (During PT absolutely no soloing) Please refer to Make-A-Friend rules for further instructions for out of PT.

10. iC0N Guild Teams Only (all teams must be comprised of iC0N guild members only) All guild teams must be authorized by Adaox or Lexitus.

11. We have a Nightly Prime Time Average fame requirement. 500 Unboosted 1000 Boosted. If you choose to play bot matches, fame requirement doubles to 1000 Unboosted/2000 Boosted.

12. 2+ days of missing Prime Time requirement without proper notice will result in removal from the guild

13. If you are going to miss PT, Notify Lexitus or Adaox (DISCORD DIRECT MESSAGE ONLY) so you that you may be excused. Excessive unexcused absences will result in removal from guild.

New Member Rules

  • You will be on trial for the first 10 days so that we may determine if we are a right fit for each other
  • You must become member within 24 hours (10 games)
  • You must become veteran within 4 days (30 games)
  • While on trial you may not join any teams, get to know the guild members during this time

Make-A-Friend Rules

  • Please tag @everyone and let them know what voice channel you'll be waiting in. 
  • Good Example: @everyone LFG waiting in ArmyofiC0N, Bad Example: @everyone LFG <--this is just wrong and lazy
    (DO NOT say @me when ready, or i'll join when you message me, etc. Pick a channel and wait)
  • During Prime Time there is NO SOLO QUEUE ever, No Exceptions!
  • There are 3 reasons why you won’t be able to find a party during Prime Time 
  • 1. You are not good, don’t know how to follow direction from those more experienced (higher rank) than you. Throwing game
  • 2. You are toxic. Throw games. Rage Pings
  • 3. You can’t follow simple instructions (don’t post in matchmaker correctly)
  • As long as none of the reasons above apply to you, then you shouldn’t have any problems finding a party during prime time.
  • During PT if all parties are full you may ask a party of 3 to split into 2 parties (Be proactive, jump around in channels if people don't respond to your post)
  • During PT guild members have priority over friends/random thirds.
  • Off Prime Time: We don’t guarantee guild parties however, you are still required to post in matchmaker in attempts to find a party first. If after 5-10 minutes no one has joined you, then and only then, you may solo queue. We are one of the most active guilds with members constantly looking for parties. We are also a level 99 grind guild so parties of 2 or 3 give higher fame
  • Off Prime Time is also a great time to play with friends that are not in the guild. If you already have a party to play with, then you are not required to make a post
  • Always check matchmaker first before queuing to ensure you don’t miss someone looking to play. So make some friends and let’s get this guild poppin!


  ----- iC0N Pillars-----


We rise together or die together. We don’t leave a guild mate behind.
Guild casual>Team Rank>Playing with friends>Playing solo


We do our best to always be on our best behavior especially when representing iC0N outside of a guild matches. Respect all community members not just guild members. We play to the best of our ability, we don’t throw and we don’t troll.


We are a community that values honesty. We expect that you represent yourself and our community to the best of your abilities. Mean what you say and follow through on your commitments.


iC0N has FIVE Level 99 trophies. We’ve gotten there through the dedication of loyal members and will continue to do so as iC0N is more than just a guild, at iC0N we are family!

iC0N GAMING has been created to give competitive player hopefuls and Content creators a casual space of like-minded individuals. There are no fame or skill tier requirements. However, in order to have some structure please adhere to the following rules.


  • Must keep your account active
  • NO SOLO QUEUE. Please make an attempt to find a party by posting in the matchmaker. Wait 5-10 minutes for someone to join you if no one joins, then and only then, may you solo
  • Be active in the community. Whether you are trying to go competitive or are a content creator, use social media and other platforms to get your self known.
  • Be active in our community BAND ( ... g)  Best place to start posting your content
  • No being TOXIC. You are representing iC0N Gaming and you should always want to represent yourself in a positive light anyway. 

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