iC0N Gaming: Guild Invitational Series Tier 9 Cap
iC0N Gaming: Guild Invitational Series Tier 9 Cap
Scheduled Start:
5:00 PM Fri 7th Oct 2016
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Single Elimination
Entrance Fee:

This will be a 2 day Tournament Series Scheduled from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT on Fridays and Saturdays


Day one will consist of Single Elimination Qualifiers from all 8 teams entered. 

Day two will with finish off Single Elimination for the Semi-Finals and the Finals will be best of 3. (Double draft and Blind if 3rd game is needed)

All matches will take place in private draft and be streamed live on twitch.tv/adaox420 


First place team:  1000 ICE per playing member
Second place team: 500 ICE per playing member

Rules and Entry:
Standard VGL rules for the most part, fine print to follow.
Teams of 3 must be veterans in the guild they are representing.  One team per guild.
(Optionally you can add a substitute to you roster as long as they meet all other qualifications,
Guild Captain must sign off on members representing them, does NOT have to be official "team" in game)

Each week will have a skill tier cap. Players must never have gone above that cap, any season 
(be prepared to share screenshots)

Teams must show up on time for their scheduled matches to discord to expedite getting these matches going.  https://discord.gg/UDjpXq ... p

Day 1: A wait list will be used if a team is unable to participate to substitute the entire team. 
Day 2: Teams failing to show up for day 2 will forfeit.  

Edit: To clarify only the 3 playing members of the winning teams will receive ICE prizes 

22nd Sep 2016

Ugh have ice, where do I sign??

21st Sep 2016

lets goooooo

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